MONDO BOYS and the Ghostly Radio Muse

October 26, 2015

LOS ANGELES – Why wouldn’t the film composers known as Mondo Boys want personal credit for their works? They themselves credit “Count Mondosisi" for their music. It’s not clear what this means, as there is no record of such a person in history (nor IMDB).

The assumption is that Count Mondosisi is some sort of mentor / lead composer for the rest of the Los Angeles-based team, but one Italian fishing boat Captain tells a different story.  

“Those boys chartered (my boat) off the coast of Naples, they seemed hungover. MG and MS are Michael…both named Michael. No Mondosisi. No Count. No nothing.” says Captain Giovanni DeSusi, “We were talking music- real music. Morricone. Nino Rota. The boys know real music. They told me they play orchestra. Beautiful talk, beautiful wine. Then we got…a transmission,” This is where the story gets weird and Capt. DeSusi has less to say about the rest. 

Music of unknown origin came through the ship’s radio. 

The Captain could not identify the broadcast. It is unclear what arrangement was made, but it is said MG and MS are to have obtained the radio. DeSusi doesn’t talk about that evening at sea or speculate from where the music originated.

To this day, the group known as “Mondo Boys” produce music and score films in a studio in Los Angeles. Their process is mysterious, but the music is well received and renowned for it’s classic cinematic intuition, a quality that may or may not be gleaned from a mysterious radio broadcast that only they can hear.