'Phoenix Forgotten' in Theaters by Mike Schanzlin

'Phoenix Forgotten' is in theaters now. Here's a peek at the original score for 'Phoenix Forgotten', in theaters now. Cinelou Films / Scott Free Productions / Directed by Justin Barber / Produced by Ridley Scott / Music by Mondo Boys

'Bump & Spike' at the Tribeca Film Festival by Mike Schanzlin

We had the pleasure of scoring Director Michael Jacobs' latest short film, 'Bump & Spike' - a wild ride through the short lived International Volleyball Association. Celebrity endorsements, wild parties, Berry Gordy, cocaine, Wilt Chamberlain, drug smuggling - this league had it all. Catch it at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. Click here for screening info.

Shangri-La Suite Mixtape by Mike Schanzlin

We're excited to finally share our original score for Shangri-La Suite, featuring cameos by Father John Misty, Jonathan Rado of Foxygen, Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore, Matt O'Keefe of the Orwells, Emily Browning, Burt Reynolds and Ron Livingston among many others. Head over to the SoundCloud page for the tracklist. Collaborators listed down below.

Performances by:
Mike Griffin, Mike Schanzlin
with Thomas Carroll (drums), Paul Cartwright (violin), Sean O'Malley (harmonica), Todd Simon (trumpet), Tracy Wannomae (saxophone)

String arrangements by Paul Cartwright
Horn arrangements by Todd Simon

Vocal Performances by:
Emily Browning, Scot Bruce, Ron Livingston, Greta Morgan, Matt O'Keefe, Jonathan Rado, Joshua Tillman

Special Thanks:
Eddie O'Keefe, Justin Gage/Aquarium Drunkard, Jessica Pratt, Julian Wass, Lauren Willow White, Ryan Wilson

Phoenix Forgotten by Mike Schanzlin

OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING! We did the score for this movie "Phoenix Forgotten". You'll be seeing more content so we'll hold back telling you too much about the movie itself. It's best to let it unfold front to back. In fact, just go see it without watching the trailer, ideally. Major contributions for Paul Cartwright (arranger and strings), Be Hussey (engineer), Todd Simon (horns). Our third feature!

Produced by Ridley Scott! I mean, what the hell... Directed by long-time collaborator Justin Barber. We've got some tunes to preview added to our playlist here on the site (music for film). And some little clips on instagram @mondoboys

Shangri La Suite / Kill the King by Mike Schanzlin

We're very proud to share the trailer for Shangri-La Suite (titled 'Kill the King' worldwide), a project that's been a long time in the works featuring original score by Mondo Boys with contributions from Father John MistyJonathan RadoEmily Jane Browning •Todd M. SimonPaul Jacob Cartwright , Aquarium Drunkard and Springtime Carnivore. Directed by Eddie O'Keefe/The Teenage Head. Coming to US theaters October 28, worldwide shortly after.