Mondo Boys is a film scoring outfit headed up by two composers and long-time friends.

We do not have a ‘sound’. Every story has it's own world which deserves it’s own music. The name “Mondo” is derived from the Japanese “Question and Answer” and it’s a dynamic that helps us understand the feeling and movement within a story. We look for answers in the structure of the script, performances, direction, images and the way they’re cut together. We’ve realized all of these things inform the music. Once these aesthetic palettes are discovered our process is essentially about melody - when to use it and how to evolve it.

The opportunities of working with directors Amy Seimetz, Justin Barber, Bill Watterson, Eddie O'Keefe and Barry Jenkins as well as producers Ridley Scott, Steven Soderbergh and Adele Romanski have been benchmarks on an amazing run in a short amount of time. Our work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spin and NME among others that aren’t typically known to feature film composers. We find ourselves in an interesting fusion between classic “film score” and “songs”, often with lyrics and vocals when the project calls for it.

Putting music to picture is a beautiful process of discovery and we feel honored to devote our lives work to this interesting collaboration.  We love to share our music and inspiration, so please take take a look and listen with us.