Shangri La Suite Mixtape

We're excited to finally share our original score for Shangri-La Suite, featuring cameos by Father John Misty, Jonathan Rado of Foxygen, Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore, Matt O'Keefe of the Orwells, Emily Browning, Burt Reynolds and Ron Livingston among many others. Head over to the SoundCloud page for the tracklist. Collaborators listed down below.

Performances by:
Mike Griffin, Mike Schanzlin
with Thomas Carroll (drums), Paul Cartwright (violin), Sean O'Malley (harmonica), Todd Simon (trumpet), Tracy Wannomae (saxophone)

String arrangements by Paul Cartwright
Horn arrangements by Todd Simon

Vocal Performances by:
Emily Browning, Scot Bruce, Ron Livingston, Greta Morgan, Matt O'Keefe, Jonathan Rado, Joshua Tillman

Special Thanks:
Eddie O'Keefe, Justin Gage/Aquarium Drunkard, Jessica Pratt, Julian Wass, Lauren Willow White, Ryan Wilson

Mike Schanzlin