Mondo Boys
Music for Movies

Shangri-La Suite


Original music written & produced by Mondo Boys for the film 'Shangri-La Suite'

00:00 - Troubled Girl
01:22 - The Chase
02:59 - Who Loves The Sun [feat. Father John Misty]*
05:37 - The Law on Their Tail
06:10 - Elvis [featuring Burt Reynolds]
07:31 - Baby Don't Let Me Go [feat. Scot Bruce]
09:09 - Road Dream
10:37 - Bathroom Tiles [feat. Baby Chuck]~
12:27 - Kill Elvis
13:14 - I Don't Wanna Die [feat. Emily Browning]
17:15 - Shangri-La Suite
20:07 - Elvis' Dream [feat. Ron Livingston & Springtime Carnivore]
21:26 - The Escape Pt 2
22:22 - I Found A Reason [feat. Jonathan Rado]*
25:21 - Found Poem by Karen Bird
26:02 - First In Line [feat. Scot Bruce]**

Words and Music written by: Griffin/Schanzlin (Mondo Boys)
*Written by Lou Reed/Velvet Underground
~Written by Baby Chuck
**Written by Weisman and Schroeder

String arrangements by Paul Cartwright
Horn arrangements by Todd Simon

Performances by:
Mike Griffin, Mike Schanzlin
with Thomas Carroll (drums), Paul Cartwright (violin), Sean O'Malley (harmonica), Todd Simon (trumpet), Tracy Wannomae (saxophone)

Vocal Performances by:
Emily Browning, Scot Bruce, Ron Livingston, Greta Morgan, Matt O'Keefe, Jonathan Rado, Joshua Tillman

Special Thanks:
Eddie O'Keefe, Justin Gage/Aquarium Drunkard, Jessica Pratt, Julian Wass, Lauren Willow White, Ryan Wilson